Voice of Trees – High Park, Toronto

Welcome to High Park sound walk. By following the route on the Echoes app, you will hear a selection of original poems read aloud by the poets themselves.
Each poem represents a different location within High Park and encourages visitors to discover spots for quiet contemplation. Inspired by the monumental trees and surrounding landscape, these poems serve as a celebration of the unique features of the area. Voice of Trees High Park is a collaboration between Giovanna Iorio, Michael Rothenberg, Robert Priest and Larry Sawyer.

It is such an honour to have my poem, Exile, included in the High Park Sound Walk, along with these amazing poets:

Bill Bissett- A Tree
Phil Hall- Toward A Blacker Ardour
Mark Goldstein- My Ravine
Larry Sawyer-Memory Suit
Lina Ramona Vitkauskas- Taiga
Geoff Bouvier-Those Old Familiar Ditties
Dale Smith- Grass Seeds
Charlie Petch-Daughter of Geppetto Part 4
Jennifer Hosein- Exile
Lillian Allen- I Saw A Perfect Tree
Robert Priest- A Tree Will Take The Heat For You
John Robert Colombo-Memory of Falling from a Tree
Lawrence Bayne- Tree
Patrick Connors – The Path
Michael Holmes- St. Marys Deacon Blues
Honey Novick- High Park
Marty Smith- The tree and me by onecloud
Clifton Joseph – Not poem